Links Elsewhere

I don’t spend all of my time wrapped up in the annals of the serious. Here are some links to what I get up to with the rest of my time.

If you’re looking for social links, they’re at the bottom of the page.


allmyfriendsarejpegs – photoblog documenting my everyday life

Sticky Cleve – micro-blog on

unexpected bowtie – a folky chiptune musical experimentation


Guest Blogs:

‘Thinking About the Talent War’ – Alba Innovation Centre (Scottish Enterprise) (December 2013)

‘Face-recognition-book’ – A critical look at the proposed amendments to Facebook’s face recognition policies – Open Rights Group (ORGZine) (September 2013)

Online Abuse: Asking the Wrong Questions’ – Open Rights Group Zine (ORGZine) (August 2013)

‘MARKETERS: Hands Off Our Communities!’ – Social Penguin Blog (July 2013)

‘Privacy and anonymity: necessary requirements for free speech?’ – Open Rights Group Zine (ORGZine) (July 2013)

‘Failure to communicate isn’t the fault of technology’ – Social Penguin blog (June 2013)

‘Is it time we were all using a secure VPN service?’ – morefromamor blog (March 2013)

‘Authorship and identity – why you can’t ignore Google+’ – BuddingMarketer blog (February 2013)

‘A social media culture change’ – The Firm Magazine (February 2013)

‘What’s in a re-tweet?’ – morefromamor blog (November 2012)