Edinburgh Recommendations

Here lives a list of places that I like, or have enjoyed in Edinburgh. Note that as a Glaswegian my knowledge of the capital is limited, and some of these entries may be wildly out of date – such is the ever-evolving nature of cities. Much like other articles in my ‘digital garden‘, this is a constant work in progress.


  • Safari Lounge – Awesome, quirky wee pub that is about a 20 minute walk from Waverley. Dog friendly, decent pub food, and a good selection of drinks. Definitely not a tourist place. It reminds me of the way the 13th Note used to feel, once upon a time.
Mango martinis at Safari Lounge.
  • Voodoo Rooms – Just up from Waverley, this place is a good cocktail bar with a beautiful interior. Sufficiently hidden to avoid the tourist throng. They apparently have a restaurant and a nightclub as well, but I’ve never quite made it there.
  • The Kenilworth – This apparently used to be one of the first and few ‘openly gay pubs’ on a main street Edinburgh. While that is no longer the case, the inside is beautiful, and worth a visit. Much nicer than pubs of a similar vintage.
  • Lucky Liquor Co. – Another nice cocktail place. This time a bit more casual – set out like an American diner almost, with tiled floors. This is halfway between Princes Street and Stockbridge, and always has really interesting and unique drinks to try.
  • Hoot the Redeemer – subterranean cocktail bar in the New Town. Bit trendy, but good.
  • Bramble – Maybe I should just do a full list on cocktails. This place is in the New Town, and is easy to miss. Also underground. Worth a visit.
  • Salt Horse – A small, no frills craft beer bar that is just off of the Royal Mile. One of the best places to find that kind of thing in the centre.
  • Last Word – Cosy cocktail bar in the trendy area of Stockbridge. Across from Skua (see below).


  • Dishoom – An upmarket (read: pricey) Indian restaurant just off Princes Street. It’s a fancy situation which is best enjoyed at dinner. There are versions of this in other places like London as well, but it can be a pleasant experience.
  • Skua – Nice, intimate wee restaurant in Stockbridge. Pricey, but pleasant. Their sister restaurant in Leith has a Michelin Star.

Stuff to See

Edinburgh Castle.
  • Calton Hill – Everybody bangs on about Arthur’s Seat, but that is a mission to get up. About a ten minute walk from Waverley is Calton Hill, which provides amazing views over the city and the presence of unusual Greek like structures without having to break (much of) a sweat. One short, steep staircase gets you there. One of my favourite parts of Edinburgh – both during the day and at night.
  • Edinburgh Castle – Aye aye. It has to be done, once. It is pretty impressive inside, and… large. Make sure you are there for the One O’Clock Gun. Otherwise there’s nae point.
  • Bobby – Go read about Greyfriar’s Bobby and find the statue. Rub his nose for luck.
  • Grassmarket – A windey, colourful street off the Royal Mile that is said to have inspired Diagon Alley in Harry Potter. Worth a wander up.