Hello. I am Stephen McLeod Blythe, aka Clicky Steve. This site is a collection of blog posts, half finished musings, and other bits and pieces.

Recent Blog Posts

Planting a Digital Garden

One of the cool things about working at a place like Automattic is that you are part of this global network of inspiring people that often think deeply, creatively, and publicly about expression. Unfortunately, it is incredibly easy to become blind to the verdure, as a result of the daily obligations that our busy roles…

Books 2022

Since 2019, I have compiled an annual list of books that I have read throughout that year – excluding any academic or reference texts. Documenting things in this way has been both motivational and useful, but also humbling. As somebody that has long considered myself an avid reader, it can be a bit of a…

Why are ScotRail Services to Glasgow’s South Side so bad? My FOIA Request.

Ahh ScotRail. Scotland’s national train operator. Previously, I felt like it was unfairly maligned. It can’t be easy running a rail network after all. I like the train. It’s far more civilised than getting the bus with all of the ruffians. I’m middle class don’t you know. However, over the past few years, ScotRail’s services…

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