3 thoughts on “Do Not Rely on PayPal

  1. sweetsound says:

    How awful! I’ve had a couple of bad experiences with PayPal, both their policies and their customer service, so I always just pay directly because of it, unless absolutely necessary. Thankfully that’s not very often!

  2. It sucks to be in a situation like that when you’re in a foreign country. Also, it’s sad to see that even today, when a company gets big, most of them simply don’t care about individual customers anymore.

    I have a similar, bitter experience with a service called Payoneer. We don’t have PayPal in Bangladesh, but we have Payoneer. Payoneer is an online payment gateway service that allows funds to be received from a variety of sites such as Infolinks, Upwork (formerly oDesk), Freelancer.com, etc. They provide users with a physical MasterCard that can be used to make online payments. It’s super popular in this part of the region because it’s nearly impossible for our average people to get a card that’s accepted internationally.

    Lately, I’ve had issues with my cards and I needed to change a few information. They asked for a government-issued photo ID. I provided them with my Passport’s copy, and they said they needed another. I sent the birth certificate, and to my disbelief, they said they needed a National ID copy. I’ve become legally 18 only a few months ago and I haven’t gotten my NID card yet (it takes years to make one). So I was literally out of luck.

    I’m using a similar but inferior service at the moment because Payoneer became so big now it doesn’t care about losing users anymore. It’s really frustrating.

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